Joan as Speaker

Joan provides “educational entertainment” for people who enjoy their own back yard. She focuses on the “small things” that make a huge difference in the beauty and productivity of their outdoor space.

Choose from these presentations for an entertaining, educational, and fun activity
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The Simple Truth About Native Bees

Native Mason Bees and Leafcutter Bees do not Sting!

Learn about these family friendly bees and their secret life cycle to  increase fruit and vegetable yields in your garden. Joan will show you how to easily make native bees a part of your life.

Bring that Aha Moment to Your Garden

Provide a haven for butterflies and hummingbirds. Create, conserve and protect monarch habitats as well as other butterfly species and other pollinators.

Look Through Every Window

Discover how to create your own personal garden and let the fun begin!

Uncover information about your outdoor space to develop its maximum potential. Analyze what you have to get started, accent desirable views and create meaningful focal points